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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 24, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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one thing. >> the cars in front of him to go faster. >> request denied, sir. see why the driver didn't take that so well. who doesn't love some wings and barbecued ribs. how to challenge some finger-licking good food without the -- >> no one wants to hear that. and want to spice up a trip to the airport? >> why not prank your wife along the way. >> there's a truck getting towed and it looks like it's coming at us. >> see how this led to this. >> oh! steven will get our show started with our first video and the story behind it. >> a bicyclist is issued a ticket in brooklyn, new york, and he's not too happy about it. here's why. he's driving along approaching an intersection. that's a cop car in the intersection. he's on a bike path. when he approaches the cop car, he's got to sort of go off the
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curb because the cop is blocking the ramp down to the intersection. >> what's that? >> he kind of motions to the officer, says, hey, move back. gets down to the next block and watch this. officer pulls up and puts him off at the next intersection. tells him to get off his bike. ben does and has this conversation with the officer. >> i did stop at the red light. >> why didn't you stop at the one back there? >> which one. >> the one when you went around me. >> that was a green light. >> it was red. >> let's rewind. as he's approaching, if you pay attention, you notice the symbol is still blinking, thus meaning you can cross the street. you see traffic still going through the intersection. leading us to believe that the light was in fact green. ben was issued a ticket on this day. he has since sent his summons in as not guilty and he has filed a complaint. and ben is joining us right this minute. was the light in fact green?
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>> it was. basically i have to follow the laws of the road like a vehicle. but regardless of that, don't walk was blinking was well. >> did you mention anything to him about blocking the crosswalk? >> yeah, they're not supposed to, especially a bike path. you're not supposed to block it. you could be issued a summons for that, i believe. >> ben, do you think he gave you this ticket because you motioned to him and said back up as you went through the intersection? >> definitely. i dared to disrespect him, otherwise he wouldn't have stopped me. >> you uploaded this video. what do you hope happens? >> i hope to bring that to court and that i don't have to pay the ticket. >> ben, we've got a call into the nypd to get a statement from them. we have yet to hear back from them, so keep us posted on what happens in the future. >> definitely. fair warning, this next one is a little graphic. this lady is not going to win any mother of the year awards.
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mom comes out, runs across the street. but watch who follows along and doesn't look both ways. >> oh, no! >> oh! >> oh, dear jesus. oh, my gosh. >> the little baby girl comes out, chases after a family member of some sort. the little girl did suffer a broken leg. >> oh, boy. >> that's awful to watch, it really is. we don't know the story here. the mom could have walked out and not known that the daughter followed her. >> it's a tough situation. you know, you've got to keep your eyes on the kids at all times. who knows, mom could have been running across the street for an emergency of some sort. whatever, the little girl did not look both ways. she came running right into the middle of the street. the driver obviously had no chance to stop in time, but she was okay other than the broken leg. >> how traumatic for the mom. >> and the little girl. watching her drag herself away from the car. my heart is broken for this little girl. >> you know what, she's lucky she only suffered a broken leg because her head could have bounced off the ground.
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>> i feel for the driver. there's absolutely no warning, knowing that this little girl runs into your car. it's not your fault, but it's still a child. some flooding happened earlier this month on the campus of james madison university. this is in harrisonburg, virginia. >> whoa, check that out. >> is that a dorm? >> this is the festival conference and student center. it's like a river inside the building, and there are people still in there. >> i'm surprised these people are allowed to be in there at this point. >> this is called duke dog alley. >> this is duke dog alley. >> it's not taking students anywhere this day unless they have a kayak. >> unless a white water raft. >> what about the cheap mattresses from the dorm? >> you should not do that, students. >> the tree right there. here is another video. this is actually the football stadium at jmu. it is called bridge forth.
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>> they should rename it the punch bowl. the grounds crew is watching this video like oh, boy. good thing football doesn't start for a while. >> that's pretty interesting that you say that because these floodwaters receded within a matter of hours and they were able to hold a football camp. it's pretty remarkable. this happened because of a pretty severe rainstorm. some reports say they were getting up to 4 inches of rain per hour, which of course created the flash flooding. >> an adventure at jmu. > we've all somemeweve all been this guy. but maybe not this aggressive. somebody shot this video of a guy leaving a north carolina beach and he just wants the cars in front of him to go faster. and they're not cooperating. >> not much you can do, buddy. >> what you're going to see in this video is him constantly trying to pass everybody and just raging. >> maybe he really had to pee or
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something. >> it's summertime on the coast of north carolina. there's going to be traffic no matter where you go. if this guy wants to go hang out at the beach, he's got to be aware that a lot of other people want to hang out at the beach too. >> if this guy was behind me, i'd go even slower. i'd go like 15 mile an hour slower. >> what amazes me about this video, he doesn't care what kind of line he's moving over just to peek. i don't know what he thinks is going to happen but finally at the very end it's a two-lane highway where he can feed off. i just hope and pray that he gets caught in a speed trap. >> we've all been in this situation where people in front of you are just driving slow. if these people are just putt-putting along that irritates you and, yeah, you want to get around them. >> it doesn't look like they're putt-putting along. it looks like they're all going at a nice clip but just not fast enough for the guy in the red convertible. >> in parts of this video, the speed limit is 35. he's not supposed to be going faster than 35. the highest speed limit sign i
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saw was 55. >> we've all been upset about this in the past but you just don't act like this. see that bus? that is a real double-decker bus. >> doing pushups. >> oh, my gosh. >> see where it is and what it's all about next. it's the new way to take care of an old fly problem. >> this is called the bug assault. >> let me show you how it works. >> see the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
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[ male announcer ] call 1.866.569.fios. that's 1.866.569.3467. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. say goodbye to your old technology. welcome to life on fios. ♪ controversial tech artist david cerney decided to celebrate the upcoming olympics with a special installation. this installation is called "london boots it." that is a real double-decker bus, six tons of bus weight -- >> doing pushups. is this supposed to be a metaphor for london taking on
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all these visitors and the olympics and the strain it's causing on the city? >> well, according to the artist, pushups are universal to all athletes. also pushups are a form of punishment if you're in the army or serving time or something like that. >> pushups are a very universal kind of movement or improving the physical ability. so it's in a way very ironic, of course. >> this is a cool piece because it looks like the bus is full of liquid. >> and it's making pushup noises. >> this is outside of the czech olympic house in london. >> that would inspire me if i walk out and see that. i'd be like, yeah, i'm going to take on london. >> david is a controversial artist. he does like his art to get people talking. he had a piece called entropa that caused some controversy. >> that doesn't cause any controversy to me. >> i think it looks like a happy
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bus. >> i think the bus is enjoying getting in shape. finger foods can be fun to eat, but can get messy. >> and germs. >> you're going to love this. you're going to love it. >> they're messy so-called finger foods. >> like buffalo wings. >> they rip ribs right off the rack. >> oh, yes. yes! ♪ finally! they have answered our prayers. >> this is great for a lot of reasons because one of my biggest, biggest pet peeves in the world, when people have stuff on their fingers and they go -- >> now, it's okay if you lick the barbecue sauce, but don't make that noise. no one wants to hear that. >> these are like chop sticks on steroids. >> do you know how many marriages they have saved? do you know how many guys are going to progress to the second date because they use those instead of licking their
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fingers? >> in fact they even say they can help achieve world peace by eliminating a critical source of frustration, there by generating a powerful wave of happiness and harmony that spreads throughout the universe. >> i love getting messy and it's all over your arms. that's the fun of eating ribs. >> you think it's fun that you have to take a shower after eating ribs? >> if you have eaten good ribs, you'd take a shower. >> what planet are you from that that's fun? >> it is fun. >> get the fork out of here. you jus gripit, dip itnd the be fingers stay clean. i love this one. this guy is taking his wife to the airport to pick up her family. that's a nice thing for a husband to do. but why not prank your wife along the way. >> so there's a truck getting towed and it looks like it's coming at us. babe, wake up, there's a truck! >> oh, my god! >> she could use this for evidence in divorce court. >> i've got to say it's pretty
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ingenious. that is super scary looking. imag and that's the first thing you see. i can't condone making a video while driving but i think it's an awesome prank. beth thinks it went too far. gayle? >> i think it's funny but he's going to be sleeping on the couch. >> very possible. to see the entire thing head to our website, and click best of rtm. people get punked in the parking lot and are still totally oblivious. >> i'm looking for a guy in a white tank top, brown hat. >> see how the pranker turns the prankees into the butt of the joke. and some smooth moves with a cap. check out the cool cap tricks that inspired this. and don't forget, "right this minute" is all new, a
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my name is lorenzo and i've invented a fun way to eradicate flies and other pesky insects. >> this is called the bug assault. >> let me show you how it works. >> created by artist lorenzo. lorenzo has come up with a shotgun of sorts to eliminate pesky insects. cock it, aim it, no batteries, nontoxic. what does the bug assault actually do?
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blasts them shotgun-style with a pinch of salt. >> oh, really? >> yeah, table salt, every day household table salt. >> your aim has to be pretty spot-on to be able to hit it. >> not really. think about it. what a shotgun does, a shotgun spreads. so this is shooting the salt and it's spreading the range of the salt so your aim can just be kind of okay. >> did you see that fly? it's like it just gave up midair and its legs were turned up. >> this is an indy go-go project. if you like this idea you can be one of the first to get a bug assault. 30 bucks and you can have a bug assault. some of those funds will help bring this to the masses. that good ole prankster jack vail is back. >> i'm looking for a guy in a white tank top. he should be riding his bike around in the parking lot here.
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have you seen anybody like that? brown hat? his brown hat should probably say toyota on it. you haven't seen anybody like that that fits that description? >> no. >> so jack is driving around describing people. >> i'm looking for a guy with a grayish beard. >> i haven't seen anybody like that? >> no. >> i think he's looking for me and i'm going to say i haven't seen anybody like that. >> a blue t-shirt that says mt. rushmore on it. >> no. >> do women react differently than men? do women remember what they put on. >> i'm looking for a lady with sunglasses, she just took them off and put them on her eyes and tan pants. >> tan pants? >> yeah. >> that sounds like me, except i've got the wrong clothes on. >> oh, yeah, you don't have the
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clothes i described. okay, hey, thanks. >> 10, fit15 minutes from now, s going to dawn on them when they walk past the mirror, oh, wait. we're creeping closer to the opening of the london 2012 olympics. in the meantime, this guy here, keith lemon, he's getting to hang out with a bunch of the athletes in the upcoming games in a series of vios put on byav iscally a character played by english comedian lee francis. this time he's hanging out with some try athletes from team great britain, the brownlee brothers. keith lemon gets a little confused. >> what will you be doing in the olympics? >> we do triathlon. >> all right. >> so getting mixed up there, he then busts into a try a thong competition. >> we'll put on as many thongs
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as we can within an allotted time. >> also the noise he makes with this is very impressive. >> so it's like a horn on your butt, you know. here we go. they're off and they're struggling to get the thongs on. they have got a ton of thongs there. the brownlee brothers are trying to go as fast as they can. >> come on, olympic style. keep going. >> and, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the try-a-thong 2012. >> johnny is the winner. >> johnny with 36 thongs. alster only had 33. >> this should become the new favorite sorority house drinking game. that would be much more fun to watch. this guy is about to try and jump 64 inches from a standing
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start. >> now, i'm 69 inches, so this guy is going to jump this high. >> no way! >> see if he can make it, next. it's
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warping with the way the rain is coming across. this video i'm about to show you guys is not a shirtless man serenading this sack of tires, although it may look like that at first. this is actually kevin and he is trying to break the guinness book world record for the highest standing jump.
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kevin is at cross fit late country. he's going to jump on that stack of tires. that's 64 inches. now, i'm 69 inches. so this guy is going to jump this high. >> no way! >> impressive jump. now, the cool thing is if you look on guinness' website, the current standing record is 58.27 inches. this guy jumped 64 so it looks as though guinness hasn't recognized the record yet, but that was by jonas from denmark back in august, 2011. if you look at the comments on kevin's video, congratulations on beating my record. you are crazy. amazing jump, well done, jonas. >> holy moly. >> that's pretty cool. >> he not only beat the record, he killed the record. >> and then just to prove exactly how high he jumped, afterwards he gets the tape measure out, moves the camera over and gives us a close view of exactly 64 inches. >> well done.
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>> good job, kevin. this one is for all the cap wearing hip-hop lovers out there. >> this is my gangster sign. >> it's a cool video put together by new eraap compan to basical promote teirhats. th to some pretty cool hip-hop music. the guys dancing are cory and spida and they are part of the ring masters dance crew. and they're doing it by using their caps to do sf some pretty cool moves where it looks like his cap is circling his body. look at that. >> i kind of wish i had a hat right now. we could try this. >> can we borrow your hat? >> they do have a link to instructional videos to do that. here's the elbow drop. >> lift it up to the sky, flick it forward and catch it onto
4:58 pm
your elbow. >> all right, try that. >> wait. >> catch it on your elbow. >> you almost did. >> give me your hat. go like this and then he said go like this. >> there. you did it. >> you did it? >> i want to try another one. this one i think is easier. this is called the popcorn. >> place your head at a 90-degree angle, place your head off your form aearms and pop oun the opposite direction. >> i did it! did you see that? . you don't lift, you've got to -- >> this is not -- >> i did it. i got it the first time. >> i can do a foxy dance like this. >> okay, do that. >> beth troutman is the most gangsta girl on our team. >> that's it for us here at rtm. have a fantastic rest of your day and we'll see you tomorrow.
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i miss him. >> the girlfriend of one of the colorado movie theater victims about his sacrifice. >> shot to death. one family walked the streets with police in hopes of finding some answers. >> a mass robber is praying upon people in catonsville. first, we start off with a look at the weather. some stormy weather is headed our way. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> we have one severe thunderstorm warning on the map at the moment. that is for frederick county, the storm moving through the northern part and across the


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